Sezen Yurdalan / Anadolu Group Internal Audit Specialist

Skills required for internal auditors have expanded by changing and developing global business world. Nowadays, having solely technical skills is not enough. Being able to do their jobs more effectively, internal auditors need to bring more to the table: soft skills such as oral communication, interview abilities and active listening. These skills being personality quality characteristics and habit, distinguish ideal employee from standard employee. Read more →

Aykut Gümüşlüoğlu / Anadolu Group Deputy Audit Coordinator

Humans, as a nature, are constantly being in search of something and evolving with broad inquisition consciousness in this process. We evaluate ourselves and what happens in our circle. Our inquisitive point of view evolves, transforms, and turns in a structured way.

The current and valid definition of internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. In other words, internal audit, as a function, is not an authoritarian supervision. Read more →

Cem Sarı / Anadolu Group Business Development Manager

We see that concepts of digitalization and digitization are often confused with each other lately. Should the need arise for definition, digitization is to transfer business process from analogue to digital form, while digitalization is to transform business models by using digital technologies in order to create a new income tool, find out opportunities that will create value, it is a phase for transition to the digital business. Read more →