Cem Sarı / Anadolu Group Business Development Manager

We see that concepts of digitalization and digitization are often confused with each other lately. Should the need arise for definition, digitization is to transfer business process from analogue to digital form, while digitalization is to transform business models by using digital technologies in order to create a new income tool, find out opportunities that will create value, it is a phase for transition to the digital business. Read more →

Selim Güven / Anadolu Foundation General Manager

Turkish women were given significant social rights under the revolutions after the declaration of the Republic. Enfranchisement of women on 5 December 1934 was one of the major reforms of our country towards its objective to rise to the level of modern societies. In addition to enfranchisement and gender equality before law, several arrangements were made in the business life with the Labor Law in 1936. Read more →

Demir Şarman / Anadolu Etap General Manager

As  Anadolu Etap we regard social, economic and environmental sustainability as one of our most important values in all of our operations. With the responsibility to leave a more livable world to the younger generation, we are the first agricultural company to publish Sustainable Agriculture Principles in Turkey. We preserve natural resources and support our farmers and their children, to leave a good footprint for the future in line with these principles. Read more →