Nil Çeltek / Anadolu Foundation Marketing and Project Manager

I would like to start stating the honor I feel by being a part of the Anadolu Foundation which aims to be a donation platform and a social value which is supported by society with the permanent solutions. Anadolu Foundation manages the resources with the approach of social entrepreneurship and adopts the principles of collective mind and investing in human resources.

Anadolu Foundation has given scholarship to more than 20.000 students since the time it was founded and this year it is celebrating its 35th year. Our foundation, day by day running with new values, is taking the applications in the online platform. By means of the online application platform, online interwiev form and CRM system, we can use the time effectively and save information since 2012.

Via the online application platform we accepted more than 40.000 applications in 2012 and more than 53.000 applications in 2013. We suppose that it will increase this year. We have added a new application to the system this year by which successful and needer student can apply online with the information they would like to mention. After the online application, we aim to make students a favor in the banking system with “ABank Mutlu Param”. The students can apply for iban code online and complete the application for code immediately.

In order to supply the students in different departments with scholarship, we accept the applications thi year between 1-30 September as in the previous years. We made the students who are successful and needer with high leadership qualifications one of the our members by face to face interwievs after preselection.


I would like to mention one of the science students in the interwiev. The student who couldn’t get the right for scholarship after the interwiev had thought for long hours on the failure about the scholarship and applied the next year again. We invited this student again since she had the necessary qualifications. She asked why she couldn’t get the scholarship in the interwiev. At first I was surprised, then I got the notes about this student which we saved during the previous interwiev in our database and noticed that she hadn’t joined any social activities. While I was reading the notes, she said she was ready this year because she was playing tennis, taking language course and she was in the school club. That day, I got the importance o giving feedback to our student tanks to database.

The biggest aim of Anadolu Foundation is to help young people in shaping their futures and supply them with vision. Besides the scholarship program, we have another programs for youth to equip them with modern values such as tolerance and reconcilitation culture, leadership qualities, environment and sustainable development, creativity and imagination approaches in order to support their world view and general qualifications int he light of these values. We believe in the importance of “the invesment in human resources” on the way of being a modern country and society. With this sight, we are continuing our Mentoring and Coaching Program for youth. We would like to generalize social entrepreneurship and social innovation which aim to produce permanent and creative solutions to social problems with the activities both for the youth and teachers.

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