Aykut Gümüşlüoğlu / Audit Coordinator at Anadolu Group

Processes are parts of our lives and the basic dynamics that keep us alive in our existence struggle. Our life flow is divided into processes and each process with the sub processes become the base point of our existence and creating journey. In this context, if we link phenomenon we call life to processes, all goods, corporations, systems and even thoughts contains reflection of a process, as much as the living. For this reason, it is also important to know, control and develop the processes, to predict the point that the entity will reach.

There are two types of basic dynamic experiences which shape existing and/or future processes in life-flow. The first one is what we gain from our personal experiences, the second one is what we learn from the others. Every positive and negative situations we experience, are at first earnings of ourselves. But sometimes daily life exist and take shape not only with personal experiences but also with the structure which contains experience sharing. Cultures, social and corporate structures, family and social relations, dynamics related to business life are superstructures consisting of the sharing, acceptance or compulsion of the experiences of the individuals who make up these structures.

You can find the difference the point of view above, between seeing the audit ‘which takes part in every process of our life and cultural structure as an instrument for authority or pressure, and  accepting it as a value for creating a common goal. Seeing the audit as a pressure and/or authority tool causes resistance but seeing it as a value creator requires a partnership. While resistance is a struggle, partnership is a compromise.

In terms of corporate structures and companies, the life cycle consists of many processes. Processes are the basic life veins that regulate and realize the flow of life in corporate structures. These factors play an important role for structure members and managers who can develop, control, observe, further audit the processes and realize the mission and vision that is the basis of existence.
To be able to develop, control and observe is a matter of administration, but to be able to audit requires a completely different awareness

It may not be always possible to realize existing and developing situations of companies’ processes and asses them with objective criteria. This concept called company blindness causes inefficiency and stabilization of processes through the ordinary flow. For this reason reviewing of processes by a third eye became a necessity. Today in modern corporate life, auditing of processes which exist for realizing companies’ purposes, is executed by internal, external and public audits. Regardless of which authority the entity is entrusted with, the result to be achieved with each audit is the continuity and improvement of the processes. Public auditing takes this power from the public partnership, while internal auditing in companies takes from a joint purpose. This, as we have mentioned above, requires that the company and its internal audit departments to be seen as mutual partners.

As Anadolu Group Audit Presidency, for years, main purpose of our audit activities is to contribute to our companies while they improve and maintain their processes. In this context our main purpose is playing a role as a stakeholder, while in private, companies we audit and in general, all Anadolu Group family reach a common goal. As a department which makes our companies take over 900 action for a year, %90 of our suggestions are accepted by companies, and our satisfaction rate is over %90. With these results we are happy to see the approval of our group workers.

Processes are living mechanisms which change and develop through time and conditions. As Audit presidency, we are auditing and reviewing our processes constantly, while we contribute to our companies’ processes. We have ISO 9001 certificate and QAR Quality Standart Certificate which is not common for an audit team around the world. These certificates are approval of international assessment organizations for our processes.

In international Internal Audit Awareness Month, It is a great reward for us that each and every member of our team is aware of the importance and value of the task we are carrying out and all of our companies are aware that Anadolu Group Audit Presidency is a stakeholder, a partner and a department that shares their experiences.

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