Ahmet Bal / Anadolu Group Head of Audit

Audits add value; audits which add value, provide assurance

The word audit, within the world of auditing in Anadolu Group expresses the creation of value, assurance and being a solution partner.

I liken audit departments within large company groups such as Anadolu Group to vitamins. Just as vitamins protect against certain illnesses when used for support prior to falling ill rather than when we become ill, our working principles as Anadolu Group Audit Presidency operate with a logic which is very similar to this. We bring more than 1.000 recommendations to our Group just in a single year, through our Internal Audits, and take actions together with our companies. We track the process in which our recommendations are put into action and determine the areas for improvement. We determine the areas which will ensure productivity and efficiency in operational processes and subjects, and endeavour to create opportunities for Anadolu Group functions to work in a more effective manner. Just as the body stores vitamins, our Group too, stores vitamins in a sense, as a result of these efforts.

Rather than being just an audit and assurance function for our Group, we are a business partner and advisor which actively listens to all stakeholders. In 2014 we carried out 63 audits in 37.869 hours, in 8 countries and 12 cities, and for Turkey in 19 cities and 4 districts.

The month of May is celebrated throughout the world as International Internal Audit Awareness Month. We continue our efforts with rigour during this period. Coca Cola Beverage Audit Team put its name to a significant achievement in 2014 by winning the TIAI (Turkish Internal Audit Institute) Awareness Awards, which had previously been won twice by Anadolu Group Audit Presidency, in two different categories – the successful completion of the quality assurance process and the creation of awareness within the organisation.

We are also continuing our efforts to digitalise our audit management, in a manner which will be integrated with the world which is digitalising in every area. The Status Update portal, which was prepared with the purpose of ensuring that all audit findings achieved within Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI) can be monitored in the digital environment, is an important application which we have brought to life in this field. We will spread this application to the whole group, starting from Anadolu Efes.

Anadolu Group Audit Presidency is the first audit department which holds both the ISO 9001 Quality System and International Internal Audit QAR certifications at the same time. This was also followed by CCI and Anadolu Efes Audit Departments. Turkish Internal Audit Institute is being represented at Board of Directors level by three members in total – two members from Anadolu Group Audit Directorate and one from the Coca-Cola İçecek Audit Directorate. We also have one director on Corporate Communications Committee of the ECIIA (European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditors). We place importance in taking part in conferences related to our field of business, which is oriented towards adding value. We participated and made speeches in 8 conferences in 2014, with the aim of representing our profession and Group.

Anadolu Group Audit Presidency, which has won numerous awards to-date, will continue to add value our Group operations with sustainable solutions. In Anadolu Group, the internal audit function is not just an audit and assurance function, but also a business partner and advisor which listens to all stakeholders.

Audit is not an activity of «BALANCE», but one of continuous «BALANCING».

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