Türkan Özilhan Tacir / Anadolu Medical Center General Manager

Women have been playing an active role in every field of life for the last 25 years, looking world-wide and at Turkey. There has been an increase especially in the number of female managers in the business life. 

Looking at the MBA (Business) classes of the American universities, we can fairly state that the participation of female managers has increased in recent years. There is a similar increase in our country, as well. This development, which is quite hope-inspiring, indicates that the obstacles to women in business life are declining.

I do believe that giving more chances to women in business life is an important value. Research conducted shows that companies run by female managers generally make more profit than other companies. The significance of women in a country contributes to the development of that country. Our Group, which incorporates the highest number of female managers at the level of general management, puts its signature under important sucessesses thanks to this policy. It provides solutions for the professional and personal development of the working women to make their lives easier. I envisage that the number of examples like the Anadolu Group will increase in the next 10 years and one out every 3 managers will be female.

Yet, we still have a long way to go in the name of having women have a voice in the business life. It is necessary to adopt a more positive perspective towards female managers when recruiting people who may succeed and provide support. We see that the decision-making mechanisms are still dominated by men in companies. It is an obligation to change this situation and provide women with more opportunities. The potentials that women have should not be ignored when recruiting people who may succeed and provide support. It is vital to give even breaks to both women and men candidates for a job position. We need to believe in the value of diversity and be persistent.

Similarly, it is necessary to give women more chances and especially adopt a positive perspective towards women. It is essential to change the thoughts imposed to women in a patriarchal society and educate them accordingly. The idea of “being a good wife and a good mother” is imposed to women when they are very young in patriarchal societies and this idea is codified as a priority for them. Parents do not discipline their daughters to “become successful businesswomen and leaders” when they grow up. Therefore, most of our women accept and internalize what they go through. I believe that creating a generation in which the number of people who are self-confident and believe that they can succeed is increasing is vital.  

Key to Success

Women can succeed in business life by working devotedly. Women have all the qualifications to open their door to leadership. The most important of these qualifications is their ability to touch people’s hearts. Success is not acquired by chance or accidentally. It is a fact that everybody who works with positive energy and passion, exhibits proactive approaches and puts extensive efforts succeeds in every aspect of life… The golden rules for being successful in business life are love, discipline and trust. I do believe in the importance of working as a team and the power of listening to and hearing each other. I do my job with love and passion, and I work in an enjoyable and disciplined way. The secret of success comes from here.      

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