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Being a Woman in Anadolu Group

Being a woman in Anadolu Group is so much more than just being given the right of way every morning, being the first person to get on to the elevator, having your place ready at the head of the queue at lunch, or not having your words cut off when you start to speak. Being a woman in Anadolu Group is having the privilege of working in a Group which believes in equal opportunities, not only accepts the role of women within collective mind, but embraces and reveres it, believes that it will not be possible to succeed in an environment where there are no women, places importance in the career plans of women, presents them opportunities, directs them and paves the way for them.

The presence of women employees and executives has always carried importance within our Group, which is celebrating its 65th year. With our belief in the leadership qualities of women, we have placed importance on the point they can reach in their career journeys being management, and with this approach we have entrusted the General Manager positions of 6 of our Group companies in women. Female directors, who have come through the ranks of our Group, currently fill the General Manager positions at McDonald’s and Adel in the retail sector, AlternatifBank and AlternatifLeasing in the finance sector, Efestur in the tourism sector and the Anadolu Medical Centre in the area of health.

As Anadolu Group, which has attached importance to the role of women in working life for 65 years, we have been deemed worthy of the award of being the “Group with the Largest Number of Female Executives in Turkey”, at the Uludağ Economic Summit organised by Capital magazine on 13-14 March. The appreciation shown in the aim of our group of the development of female leaders, which we have determined as a sustainable objective for the women of our group – that is the “Women of Anatolia”, with their devoted and diligent work, has served to encourage us even further for speeding up our future endeavours directed at our women. We thank all of the women of Anadolu who have played a part in our Group winning this award.

As Anadolu Group, we will continue to show regard to all types of work involving women in the future, as we have done in the past. As Anadolu Group, we are also supporting the #HeForShe campaign of the United Nations, which aims to ensure that men also endeavour for gender equality. As the role of women in social and economic life increases, the economies of countries grow and develop too. The sustainable growth of the economy of our country will become possible with support for our women to participate in working life.

Being a Woman in the Anadolu Group

Anadolu Group, which is the “Group with the Largest Number of Female Executives in Turkey”, will continue to be by the side of our women and support them in their work, with its belief in equal opportunities and stance against gender discrimination. Always and forever…

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