Selen Sağsöz / Anadolu Isuzu R&D Engineer

One of the most challenging matters for companies today is the ‘adaptation of the Y generation to working life and companies’. So, who are these people we define as the Y generation? The Y generation is the generation which was born between the beginning of the 80’s to the end of the 90’s. That is, me, my childhood friends, my school friends, and now my colleagues. All of us are members of the Y generation. As a Y generation employee of Anadolu Group, I wanted to share my experiences with you in this article.

My introduction to Anadolu Group came about as a result of one of my friends in my thesis group noticing a poster at our school. Anadolu Isuzu was looking for a long term intern in the final year of the İTÜ Faculty of Mechanics in order to carry a dissertation. I immediately researched on the internet. I learnt that Anadolu Isuzu had been carrying out production in Gebze for many years. I said, “great”, and I researched the scope of the word ‘Anadolu’ (Anatolia) in detail. I examined all of the companies and brands of Anadolu Group, which touch on a large part of our daily life. I can say that it took a considerable amount of my time 🙂

I wondered what the working atmosphere was like at Anadolu Group. What kind of a company was Anadolu Isuzu? Were they going to be helpful to us with our project? All of these questions, which were a matter of curiosity, dispersed from the day my internship began. Everyone who could support us did what they could and supported us. Of course, we too worked with determination. We are the Y generation after all – ‘determination’ was instilled in us from the moment we were born; we would not allow anyone to say, ‘they couldn’t do it’!

We knew that when we finished the thesis, it would be good and we would be happy with it. However, it would not be enough just for us to be aware of it; we also wanted to be appreciated by others. We wanted a pat on the back, for someone to say, ‘well done’, but at the same time to remain modest, because that is what being the Y generation requires 🙂 Our motivation is dependent on this. It was as if they did not say, ‘Well done, girls!’ we would have lost our faith.

I began working as an intern in order to carry out my degree thesis, at Anadolu Isuzu R&D Centre, ten months ago, and I am now working there as an R&D Engineer. I am happy to have joined Anadolu Group, and I say, ‘Happiness at Anadolu Group is something else’.

I can say that I found a very different environment at Anadolu Group than I had seen at my compulsory internships during my degree education. The communication between employees really is very strong, and people who are happy work here. There are of course some stressful days, just as in every other working environment, but this is not at a level which makes employees unhappy. I can say that it is not difficult at all for the Y generation to become integrated into the working environment here, at Anadolu Isuzu.

I believe that in order for the Y generation to be able to adapt to the professional atmosphere with comfort, it is first of all necessary for our differences from the previous generation to be seen as our skills which can be adapted to working life, rather than as problems which need to be corrected. The biggest criticism we receive from the X generation is that we use technological gadgets and the internet excessively. We are the members of a generation which gets short of breath when it cannot find the internet, and is believed to have been severed from the world when it cannot follow the social media. How correct it is to judge this generation by saying, “They spend a lot of time on the internet, they are continuously following the social media, even while they work”, should be a matte for debate. It is possible to use the active internet utilisation skills and desires of Y generation employees for the company, and to make it productive.

The Y generation wants to be successful and to show its abilities. We are competing with ourselves to be successful. We are very determined. We also place importance in activities within the group. However, this desire is definitely not an endeavour to be different from everyone else in the group. What is important are our feeling of belonging to the working environment and our motivation. All we want is for the group to be our friends; let us work together during working hours, but let us also take part in social activities outside of working hours. That is, we do not just want a simple work friendship. When it comes to social activities it is outdoor activities which motivate us more than the sporting activities that come to mind first. We want to travel around and see things, take photographs with our friends, and #label and share them. Spending enjoyable times with our work colleagues strengthens the communication between us, ensures that we fuse, and has a direct impact on our motivation within the working environment. And this is important for us to be a family too, is it not?

I believe that it is possible to make the Y generation happy under the umbrella of Anadolu Group. That is because Anadolu Group has an underlying culture which will ensure that the Y generation can adapt comfortably to professional life. Who knows, maybe the Y generation, who are said to be, “Not loyal; they are continuously thinking about changing jobs”, may even consider retiring from Anadolu Group 🙂

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