Menteş Albayrak / ‎Audit Coordinator at Anadolu Group

Contributing to SMEs’ improvement is important for us

As Audit Presidency, our core principal is continuous improvement, renewing ourselves constantly and to provide better services to our group. Our “creating value” goal that also exists in our vision, “to create value for our stakeholders as a trusted adviser”, is not limited to our group. We also actively take roles in many organizations and activities to improve our profession. We continue our efforts to create value outside our group by supporting development of our colleagues and their organizations and consider this social responsibility.

SMEs constitute two thirds of employment in the world. They can keep investing even in difficult times thanks to their flexible and agile structure. It was the first time that SMEs were on top of the agenda of G20 Summit, held in Antalya. The most important reason for that is SMEs are the source of hope for slowing growth in world economy.

Improvement and institutionalization of SMEs, major players of economic life in our country, will certainly deliver a significant value to the local economy growth, export and employment. With this awareness, we approach the subject of “contributing SMEs improvement by sharing our accumulated know how and experiences within the Group” as a social responsibility project, because this approach will support the progress of our country and people.

In this context, I participated as a speaker representing Anadolu Group Audit Presidency at “Internal Audit as an assurance of effective management of SMEs” panel, organized in January, by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. At my speech, I mentioned Anadolu Group’s success and the contribution of internal audit and institutionalization in this success. Our target was to inspire SMEs with Anadolu Group example and encourage SMEs for institutionalization.

The foundations of the Anadolu Group date back to 1950 by the entrepreneurial spirit of Kamil Yazıcı and İzzet Özilhan, Anadolu Group Honorary Presidents. Following many years with their commitment to the values of Anatolia,  innovation and belief in the power of collective mind, today their success have turned into a very big group that continues its activities in 10 sectors and 19 countries with approximately 50 thousand employees. After sharing the story of our Group, we have addressed success factors, which have an important effect on that journey.

We gave examples of “Institutionalization and Professional Management” as an important success factor. Moreover, we addressed contributions of “Global Partnerships” to our knowledge and experience and institutionalization. We’ve associated corporate governance with “Access to Capital Markets” add to our growth momentum thanks to the use of financial leverage together with “Correct Management of Risks and Opportunities”

Finally, we shared the meaning of the internal audit which is one of the important pillars of corporate governance and how it is practiced in our Group and additionally we shared examples of how we add value to our Group as the Audit Presidency.

We were very pleased with the audience’s interest and enthusiasm during questions and answers session at the end of the panel. We will continue to our creating value journey with this motivation.

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