Gökçe Dayı / Anadolu Efes Sports Club Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager

European basketball is growing at full speed with correct marketing strategies and stable economic planning.

Basketball is becoming a growing business sector with the increased brand value in Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and local basketball leagues and the inclusion of more respected brands in this ecosystem.

In the last decade, we have also witnessed that teams that maintain right organizational structures and economic strategies in this development have moved up to a different position.

As Anadolu Efes Sports Club, we also maintain a vision of becoming a reference sports club in all aspect in Europe in this framework. As a club, we give great importance to the entertainment we offer to basketball fans and working with a perspective that will expand the sector, as well as the results obtained in the field.

Thanks to our long-term marketing and business plans, our activities for our supporters, and our ticketing operations, we are a model not only for Turkish basketball but also for Europe.

Especially with the “digital transformation” strategy that we put into practice at the beginning of the 2016-2017 season, we have started to gain very successful results in a short period of time.

Another proof of the success of our whole efforts is the “Euroleague Devotion Marketing Awards” contest where we have achieved a great success. Being chosen by Euroleague as “Europe’s Best Marketing Team” for the digital transformation strategy that we put into practice is also a sign that we are on the right track.

Next to our achievement of being far the only Turkish team to win the Marketing Award from Euroleague, we have added the honor of being the only team to win this Marketing Prize three times in Europe.

The vision that brought us the first place in the Marketing Award evaluations, in which any team can participate with marketing projects, is the “Digital Transformation and Applications Intended for Supporters”.

From the point of view that every transformation must have a manifesto, we put our manifesto into practice under the motto, “Unleash Your Power”. With this new manifesto, we strengthened the communication between our club and our supporters.

After this step, we started the digital ticket revolution in order to make our supporters feel more comfortable in the game experience, digitizing 51% of our combined tickets and 72% of our game tickets during the season. Our supporters were able to enter our games in our Abdi Ipekci Arena easily with the help of their smart phones.

In the framework of our digital transformation strategy, we used our accounts on social media platforms more actively and made our sharing language more fun. This way, we became a part of the life of basketball fans on social media.

Anadolu Efes Sports Club Mobile Application that also includes Anadolu Efes Fan Club, the most extensive fan platform in Turkey, was also renewed during the 2016-2017 season. With the update, we made it possible for our fans to join the application more quickly and earn points. We also continued to offer more campaigns and opportunities to our fans periodically during the season.

We plan to continue our strategy of “Digital Transformation and Applications for Supporters” until 2020. As Anadolu Efes Sports Club, we have set our goals for 2020 as follows:

• Achieving 99% in digital ticketing
• 1 million followers on social media
• 50.000 Fan Club members

We are confident that we will reach these goals before 2020, because, being the team that has made Turkey love basketball, we believe that we can improve the emotional ties of everyone who loves basketball with our club.

Being aware that basketball is not just sports, we will continue to develop the entertainment industry we are in and build a bond with our intended population in a way that will create a synergy with Anadolu Group while expanding this market.

As Anadolu Efes Sports Club, we will continue to represent Turkish basketball outside the field as successfully as we do in in the field and be a reference sports club in all areas in Europe in the coming seasons as well.

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