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Happiness at Anadolu Group comes from work and from within!

At Anadolu Group; you sense the confidence and happiness at the moment you step through the door; there is no need to search for happiness – because, at Anadolu Group, happiness will find you…


On a birthday morning, accompanied with a surprise breakfast,
While sipping our morning coffee,
At the beginning of every week,
At  a pleasant lunch,
In short, we feel happiness at every moment we share – because we are happy together.

Each new member joined our family meets happiness. The source of our happiness is hidden in the positive dynamism and the positive energy we have. And even after many years, it does not diminish but grows…

Anadolu Group is a great big family which draws its strength from its employees. At Anadolu Group, we believe in the importance of recounting details of life from our employees’ eyes, and in line with this, we have organised #AnadoluGrubundaMutluluk competition within the scope of our digital HR operations.

We asked all our employees working domestically or abroad to share their photographs which convey happiness at Anadolu Group, with the label of #AnadoluGrubundaMutluluk, or to send them to

Our happiness themed competition have participants  from 9 different countries, from  17 of our  companies. Our employees shared their photographs of their happiest moments taken in the work environment via the social media, with the label of #AnadoluGrubundaMutluluk. Among nearly 1.000 photographs shared, the jury has selected 10 photographs that reflect the happiness best. And the winners were given surprise awards.


By the help of #AnadoluGrubundaMutluluk competition we have had the chance to examine how happiness is described in the countrieswe are operating, and to understand our employees who work in different geographical areas better.

The photographs through which our domestic and overseas employees reflect their happiness, have  also created a significant source for our content marketing activities.

Another ‘happy’ piece of news came from the USA – from  PR News Awards, which rewards the best communications, initiatives and programmes in the world in the area of public relations. Our #AnadoluGrubundaMutluluk project has been deemed worthy of “Honorable Mention” award in the “Employee Relations” category of  “PRNews Platinum PR Awards”.

It has made all of us proud that this project, which has come to life with the smiling faces of the Anadolu Group, has also been appreciated outside the boundaries of our country.


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