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How do you balance your work with your private life?

In fact, life is all made up of rush… It consists of balancing, unbalancing and restoring balance.  We all have different roles and different responsibilities. On this journey, we are trying to walk with many weights on our arms… Among our job, family, responsibilities at home, social circle, hobbies and moments when we seek to be alone, life becomes an effort to balance between things.

Conflict between these roles mostly catches our eyes within the subject of balancing between work and private life. Whether you are an employer, a new generation employee or whatever position you are at, our work responsibilities sometimes get ahead of our private life. For some, private life complicates work life. In both situations, it is disquieting and confusing to us. We feel like we do not do live up to justice to neither of these 2 fields at the same time. So how do we deal with this important problem of our generation? How can we support employees – especially when there is also a matter of motherhood – as an employer, as an HR manager?

First, I think corporations should consider balancing work and private life as something important. Corporations’ activities intended to balance work and private life are a subject which affects both employer’s and employee’s productivity as a whole. In addition, it is also important for employees to feel valuable. Generally, the reasons for employees to have an unbalanced relationship between work and private life are lack of ability to be organized, not managing urgent-important assignments properly, taking more responsibilities than one can take, not being able to say no and habits. At this point, corporations should help employees create self-awareness of active time management and support them when they are dealing with these matters by offering them training and coaching. Activities of training and development are one of the most convenient platforms for corporations to show their employees that they consider this work-private life concept important and that they care about it. Corporations who can manage this right are able to offer the best solution to their employees.

This year we have started to perform the seminar series called “Hear from an Expert”, where we host guests who are experts in the fields of life, personal development and health. At these seminars, some of the themes we care about especially are family life, balancing between work and private lives and dealing with stress. It has always been among our priorities to support our employees to balance their work-private lives and be of help with these methods.

In addition to training and coaching services, corporations could give employees opportunity to be able to manage work and private lives through different applications. Overall, it is observed that corporations that give more importance and put more effort on this issue create more positive employer brand and become among the best employers. In this sense; as HR professionals we must continue to care about this topic and think more what to do differently for a better work-life balance atmosphere in our workplaces.

So as we are supporting our employers on this subject as employers and HR executives, what can they do for their work-private life balances? As Nigel Marsh said “Balancing between your work and private life is a subject too important to leave up to your employers”. Employees should embrace their lives’ control and responsibilities, determine their life styles. When they are not working, they should spend their time in a way it will make them feel good and enjoy those moments. There is no need for a big change to create a balance at your workplace environment, small things will be sufficient. A small tour to other departments between busy working hours, can make your course of the day more beautiful and productive.

Balancing between work and private life and creating our own balance are not easy subjects. It is as sensitive as a wire walker’s balance on a wire… We can balance our work with our private life and execute our responsibilities peacefully. As an HR chief who believes in the importance of awareness on this subject and creating a balance, I wish everyone to create a balance between their work and private lives.

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