Seda Çınlar / Coca-Cola İçecek Group Sustainability Lead

Companies are beginning to realize more than ever that sustainability is more than a buzzword or a trend; it is a concept that directly influences the way they do business and has become more visible and drastic due to environmental and social issues induced by the climate crisis as well as human rights violations.

To achieve success in sustainability, a company needs to meticulously identify the expectations of its stakeholders in the value chain and the capital elements required for business continuity, rather than merely focusing on the social responsibility or environmental aspects of sustainability. This means that integrating sustainability into the business model and strategy is a critical factor for a company in terms of its strength, agility and sustainable growth. Read more →

Pelin Yazıcı / Environmental & Sustainability Supervisor - Anadolu Isuzu

Today, the climate change creates significant risks for the sustainability of our world and serious measures are taken to combat the climate crisis.

While experiencing climate-related problems that affect the whole world, companies’ expectations of cooperation with their stakeholders and value chain also shift towards preventing the negative effects stemming from this issue. Customers, in expectation of investments that are environmentally more sensitive, that utilize technology for the environment, and also have environmental sustainability. In order to interpret the strategy creation management processes of the companies in this field under current circumstances, I would like to talk briefly about the developments in the world. Read more →

Gökçe Dayı / Anadolu Efes Sports Club Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager

Anadolu Efes Sports Club is one of the most significant success stories that came out of Anadolu Group’s vision of striving to produce value in a sustainable manner. Our success story, which I am very proud to be a part of, was crowned with our victories last season as the champions of both the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and the ING Basketball Super League last season. As we have been doing since 1976, we are continuing to work hard as well for the sustainability of Turkish basketball and for the aim of engaging more young people in basketball culture. Read more →

Çiğdem Keskin / Anadolu Group Corporate Communications Manager

Today, sustainability awareness is growing as life around the globe transforms economically, environmentally, and socially. Access to information becomes easier as communication technologies develop. And it has now become essential that societies have continuous access to accurate information about global development to ensure a livable world for future generations. Read more →