Ali Rıza Adıgüzel / Anadolu Etap Plantation Operations Supervisor (Balıkesir - Tahirova Farm)

Our country is located at the heart of an agricultural geography. As Anadolu Group and Anadolu Etap, our connection with agriculture, which is critical for human existence, is based on our human-oriented approach. In all our efforts, we observe the benefits we can present to human kind and the environment along with the other living species that are critical for human existence. We question how to improve negative conditions and how we can sustain this ecosystem. We are establishing all our facilities and factories with this perspective. We strive to leave a more livable world to the future generations by preserving the balance between nature, natural resources and human beings in the most efficient way.

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Hüseyin Umut Davulcu / Adel Kalemcilik Auxiliary Facilities Division Boiler Operator

I was one of the winners of this year’s Bi-Fikir, the innovation program which has become a significant symbol of the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Anadolu Group. I have been working at Adel Kalemcilik for 5 years in the Auxiliary Facilities Division. I believe every successful idea that comes into practice, is an opportunity for us to do better in our jobs. Always supporting and embracing innovation, Anadolu Group and Adel Kalemcilik enable us to develop diverse and successful projects by making their employees a part of this approach. Read more →

Hurşit Zorlu / Anadolu Group CEO
Anadolu Group Values

Corporate values have become more strategic and more significant than ever before for companies, both in stakeholder expectations and in their impact on corporate governance and purposes. Today, our customers, investors, the young people, who are candidates to join us as teammates, and countless other stakeholders do not only acknowledge us with what we do or what we produce and sell. Furthermore, they question the purpose of our existence as an organization, what values we represent, what kind of culture we create and what we aim for. In addition to the organization’s working principles, the values that are determinants of employee behavior, also shape the organization’s approach to different issues and its reactions to developments. At some point, values transformed into the principal criteria that determine the framework of activities and decisions and became an indispensable strategic management factor that influences how the organization conducts its business. Read more →

Anadolu Group

In our journey to become the star that links Anatolia to the world and the world to Anatolia, our most important priority as Anadolu Group, has always been the human being. We consider the elimination of all forms of discrimination in society as a necessity of sustainable development and most importantly as a fundamental human right. Particularly, we focus on studies that raise awareness about the added value of women workforce. We declare that “we are aware of the value that the women generate”, since we strongly believe that the world will be materially and spiritually developed when the influence of the women in decision making processes increases. Read more →