Hurşit Zorlu / Anadolu Group CEO

In today’s world, innovation stands out as one of the most important concepts for companies as it is for everyone else. Especially companies which are producers, are setting aside an important portion of their budgets to areas such as R&D, in order both to reduce their costs and to be able to use the workforce they possess in an effective manner. Read more →

Osman Alptürer / Anadolu Group Human Resources President

People… turn an organisation outside a mechanical structure, give it life and make it sustainable…

Organisations which have been able to sustain their existence over many years are successful because they are able to act as one and speak the same. It is only then, they can establish the correct relation with their customers, approach them with empathy and ensure that they are satisfied. Anadolu Group was founded by two visionary entrepreneurs who embraced this approach, internalised it and always prioritised investing in people, many years ago – Kamil Yazıcı and İzzet Özilhan… Read more →

Selim Güven / Anadolu Foundation General Manager

Today, Foundations are going further than meeting short-term and emergency needs, and placing more importance on supporting matters such as development as a community and the improvement of the living standards of the community. In this process of development, the mission of the Anadolu Foundation is to create differences which will improve the quality of life… Read more →

Lebin Ebru Çokişler / Anadolu Group Corporate Communications Coordinator

“The world is becoming digitalised” has become one of the most popular statements in recent years. In the modern era in which we live, we are experiencing the transition from analogue to digital, monologue to dialogue, and the industrial economy to the economy of connections. Read more →