Erdem Ağralı / Anadolu Group Human Resources Department Project Assistant

I met Anadolu Group thanks to UçArı National Case Study competition in 2012. Anadolu Group was the main sponsor for this competition organized by Istanbul Technical University Industrial Engineering Club (ITU EMK). I was an active member of the EMK Club while I was studying Industrial Engineering in ITU. Read more →

Nedret Aydemir / General Manager, Efestur

Statistics show that when compared to women’s share in population, women around the world are not fairly represented in almost all areas of life including business world to politics, and science to art. However, the balance in the world is maintained through diversification and stability that comes with this. I strongly believe that the balance in representation of genders creates considerable positive results.

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Evrim Hizaler / General Manager Of Adel Kalemcilik

I believe success in business life is possible through working in a disciplined manner, being productive, being open to learn and through teamwork performed by a team of people focused on a common target. Success is not related to gender, nor is it something that occurs by itself; business life is a team game and if success is to be mentioned, I am successful together with my team. That I really like doing what I am doing at work and my preferences of open communication and collective mind are values which feed me and give me strength in business life. Read more →

Dilek Dölek / McDonald’s Managing Director

The number of female executives in Turkey is increasing day by day reaching numbers that leave many developed countries behind. According to a survey by Grant Thornton, the number of female executives in Turkey reached the rate of 31 percent with a 6 percent increase from last year. So, did you know that this rate surpasses the global averages with 26 percent in Brazil, Russia, India and China, 24 percent in the European Union, 22 percent in Latin America, 18 percent in G7, 18 percent in North America and 21 percent in the world in at large? I hope these numbers will continue to increase in the periods to come. As for Anadolu Group, which we are part of, it ranks the first among companies that contribute greatly to these great statistics mentioned above. Read more →