Şahika Ercümen / World Record Holder Free-diver

For me life began not when I took my first breath, but when I held it for the first time. This is my most important sentence concerning life… As a child, I could not even leave the house, let alone play sports. I had asthma and this was preventing me from even breathing comfortably. My mother used to wait by my side until the early hours and my doctor visits were never far away. However, when I went to swim in the sea in the summer I used to feel great. Read more →

Ahmet Bal / Anadolu Group Head of Audit

The word audit, within the world of auditing in Anadolu Group expresses the creation of value, assurance and being a solution partner.

I liken audit departments within large company groups such as Anadolu Group to vitamins. Just as vitamins protect against certain illnesses when used for support prior to falling ill rather than when we become ill, our working principles as Anadolu Group Audit Presidency operate with a logic which is very similar to this. We bring more than 1.000 recommendations to our Group just in a single year, through our Internal Audits, and take actions together with our companies. We track the process in which our recommendations are put into action and determine the areas for improvement. We determine the areas which will ensure productivity and efficiency in operational processes and subjects, and endeavour to create opportunities for Anadolu Group functions to work in a more effective manner. Just as the body stores vitamins, our Group too, stores vitamins in a sense, as a result of these efforts. Read more →