Burcu Çömelek / Bahcesehir University Faculty of Communication 3rd grader, Anadolu Group Corporate Communications Department intern

“A 21-year-old youngster who is a university student…

Believes that real happiness comes not from material values, but from spiritual emotions.

From the moment she started walking, she would skip from right to left on the road in order to not to crush the ants.

From the moment she had money in her pocket, she would buy something from the nearest market for those in need, who she saw on the streets (homeless people, stray animals).

As she grew older and became more aware, she learnt, unfortunately, that the things that would make her sad would not only be the stray animals which her mother would not let her bring home, the slugs which she accidentally crushed while walking in the dark of the night and her peers, who did not have toys or clothes, and who were even made to work, who she saw on the streets…” Read more →