Orkun Demirhan / Çelik Motor - ikinciyeni.com Operation and Customer Relations Supervisor

I started working at Anadolu Group – Çelik Motor in 2014. Since then, in this family, which I belong to and I am content to be a part of, I was mostly impressed by the significance attributed to ethical principles and values like equality, justice, trust-worthiness, honesty and opportunities and the space provided to employee to pursue these goals. I feel like I have the chance to add a lot to my personal development and I am taken seriously with the opportunities provided to us in this workplace, especially in trainings, conferences and events. Throughout my career, I have attended various events from mentorship training to programs to raise managers thanks to Çelik Motor and I developed myself both in my private and professional life. These trainings attach responsibility to employees and support them so as to raise their motivation and pave the way for new dreams, to be followed by new projects. The key to our success is to have the opportunity to express our ideas freely, never to be scared to try and improve our services via projects in which we believe. Read more →