Engin Özerhun / Anadolu Efes Sports Club General Manager

As Efes, we have started our journey in 1976 and this journey started a new era at Turkish basketball. During the past 38 years, we became the most successful Turkish team and created our own kind of basketball. We have experienced joys and privileges of being a team such as having the most Turkish League Championships and the first Turkish team to ever win a European Cup.

As the pioneer of Turkish basketball at the international level, we witnessed the evolution of Turkish basketball has gone through with us and got proud.

Achieving these successes was not an easy journey. Without a doubt, the ultimate goal of all teams competing is to win, win cups and offer this happiness to their supporters. However, continuance of these successes is a matter to be taken into consideration. Youth investment is the key solution for short-term, temporary success problem suffered by teams at basketball as well as other sport branches in our country. Continued success can only be assured through strong, powerful youth teams. Meanwhile, continuity is an important aspect for the improvement of youth teams.

Coaches have great responsibilities to assure that continuity. Having expert trainers at club for a long time with leadership characteristics, high level of education and culture, strong teaching abilities, superior work ethics and ability to keep up with developments and new trends as long-term members of the club structure is a great advantage.

Our coaches and our entire staff work very hard to assure that our players at the youth teams can be good individuals who can stand on their feet. Then we make sure that they become good athletes and finally basketball players.

Our athletes, who are dreaming to be great basketball players, to play for the national team and even at NBA overwhelmingly feels the spirit of ‘being a part of Efes’, which we all know, since the first moment they enter from our doors. This society living in harmony from its trainers to equipment supervisors, coaches to club staff witness the path our players grow from junior team to the senior level.


We have achieved great successes this season again thanks to tactical, technical, mental and psychological support of our coaches which already have numerous achievements earned by both A Team as well as youth teams since the day of establishment.

Anadolu Efes youth teams have achieved great success in 2013-14 Istanbul League with U18, U16, U14 and U12 categories.

From our teams, who have already won 18 Turkish Championships in U18 and 13 Turkish Championships in U16 and U14, U18 team crowned as Turkish Champions for the 19th time while U16 team also crowned as Turkish Champions for the 14th time.

I sincerely congratulate the U18 and U16 teams of Anadolu Efes, which has the most successful youth development programme in Turkish basketball, on their championship and thank all our players who have made Anadolu Efes proud with their commitment throughout the season.

As you know all, we have signed coach Dusan Ivkovic, who achieved great success both in his country and in Europe. We will work to reinforce our glory thanks to this new member of Anadolu Efes family who excites us and makes us proud as well as thanks to great support of young players from youth development programme.


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