Türkan Özilhan Tacir / Anadolu Medical Center General Manager

“Patient-Centered Care” has the signature of Anadolu Medical Center

The primary purpose in the health sector, today, is the right management of the patient perception. For a successful service provision, it is not sufficient just to provide the patient with the proper medical care service. Touching one of the most crucial aspects of life, which is to be the human health, thereby constituting the most important part of the service sector, hospitals have to adopt the “patient-centered care” understanding for absolute success. The patient-centered care approach; the objective of which is patient happiness in the overall health sector, in which providing the best treatment is the primary goal, incorporates all the services and necessities the patient receives at the hospital during the treatment process from the doctor’s communication with the patient, nursery services, the psychological support needed by the patient to the quality of the food. This perception makes the patient a part of the treatment and puts the patient in the center.

We, take the advantage of being the hospital that primarily applies the “patient-centered care” approach in the sector, as the Anadolu Medical Center, the hospital which carries out its works based on the “Reference Center in Health” mission in Turkey. Our purpose is to increase the quality of life, as much as providing health services. In line with this purpose, we blazed the trail by establishing a “Patient-Centered Care Department” in Turkey.  As a provider of services to the patients in nearby geographies and as a leader brand in Turkey’s health sector in 2012, we are aware of the importance of hearing out the needs of our patients. For this reason, we are starting a project that excites us and we are actualizing a Patient Committee, which is made up of our volunteering patients. This project, which will let us see our shortcomings and necessities from the point of patient-centered care will, in a sense, lead us with its suggestions.  We will share our experiences in this field at the forum on international patient-centered care, which is to be organized in November by the Johns Hopkins Medicine, which was elected as the best hospital consecutively and is our strategic partner in the training and research fields.

Our primary strategy at the Anadolu Medical Center, for which we can proudly say that we name it as the reference center especially in the field of cancer, is to continue to work on our superiorities. Our success has created a new vital target for us, which is becoming a Comprehensive Cancer Center that is oriented towards patient-centered care. Bringing multidisciplinary work into the forefront, this center will be an ideal system, the quality standards of which are determined. Furthermore, we also have a goal of establishing a Comprehensive Breast Center Clinique which accepts the patient-centered care as its priority.  Our center will not just focus on the cancer patients; it will adopt the service mentality which encompasses the entire stages of diagnosis and treatment of the diseases related to breast health, and the comorbidity of patients by doctors, case nurses, dieticians and psychologists who adopt a sense of service that is genial and make one feel good when necessary.

In order to provide our patients with the best and most comprehensive service, we would like to carry our strategic partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine to the next level.  In this regard, we are planning to establish a Johns Hopkins polyclinic within our hospital.  Doctors from Johns Hopkins Medicine will be able to work at the Anadolu Medical Center in certain periods of time.

At the Anadolu Medical Center, every single one of or 1300 staff are working for our patient’s happiness. This, in turn, makes us a hospital receiving approximately 200.000 treatment applications per year in Turkey, hosting approximately 5000 foreign patients from over 60 countries a year.

I wish you all healthy and happy days,

With Love and Respect,

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