Zekai Ak / Anadolu Efes Turkey Quality Supervisor

As a part of Anadolu Group’s approach of producing sustainable value across all areas where it operates, we strive to touch the lives of people and provide benefits for them in everything we do at Anadolu Efes. It is exactly at this point that art stands out as one of the areas where our company has been striving to produce value for many years in a sustainable manner. It tells us human stories inspiring each and every one us, connecting us to one another. We understand that arts & culture has an important role in social development and emphasize the access of all segments of the society to art and cultural activities. This is also why we have been ceaselessly promoting arts & culture for 34 years in Turkey.

To be sure, theater is one of the fields of art, where we provide the greatest support. For 29 years, we have continuously supported the important institutions of the Turkish theater and played our role in the staging of more than a thousand plays. Furthermore, we have been backing various fields of art as a part of our 34-year-long collaboration with the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts. It is a great pleasure to be a part of an organization that promotes the Istanbul Film Festival, Istanbul Jazz Festival, Istanbul Biennial, and Istanbul Design Biennial.

Art is the finest way of telling people about people and as a great master of theater puts it, theater is “the art of telling people about people through people”. Theater gives us the chance to get a closer look at different cultures and periods. You will find yourself immersed in the antiquity in one play, in the 16th century in another, and in the modern world in yet another. The stage gives us the chance to say, “Count me in” in this play by getting into various characters that are entirely different than us. We are in dire need of the mirror held up to the world and us by theater, which is a tool in its own right to create, preserve and add value for us, for each other and for the society in which we live.

That’s exactly why in addition to continuing our support in arts & culture, and theater in particular. It is of vital importance that we contribute in the sustainability of art and artists who have been adversely affected by the pandemic in which we have found ourselves. A most concrete example of this is the contributions made by Anadolu Efes to DasDas to digitalize its important plays in order to help theater reach out to people in these most difficult days as well. Yet another support I am proud to cite here is the voice we gave to the stage as the first corporate supporter in the “You Are Enshrined In Our Heart” campaign started by the Theater Cooperative in order to contribute in private theaters and the Support Night for Music and Stage Artists organized by the Ahbap Association.

Having been influenced by the many theater plays I had enjoyed immensely for many years, I, too, was among those who desired to experience the thrill of taking to the stage and to tell. I decided to take a step in this direction and to receive theatrical education. I think this was one of the best decisions of my life. I have always been very happy to be on stage. As an amateur actor, I have taken great pride in the Blue Stage –a platform established by my company to provide actors like me with a venue. Since 2018, the Blue Stage has made art more accessible to everyone but particularly to university students and the youth. At Blue Stage, all art lovers can watch quality productions at affordable prices. I am looking forward to seeing the end of the pandemic and watching plays on the Blue Stage once again.

I am very pleased to see that our Group and our company, which strive to produce value across all their operations and emphasize on social solidarity during such challenging times, continue their contributions to the sustainability of art throughout the pandemic. I firmly believe that our employees will also do their utmost as required by Anadolu Group Values and the raison d’etre of Anadolu Efes brand, which remains at the heart of social life. If we want to meet with art once again as soon as we leave these trying times behind and have the stages reopened, as art lovers, we must strive to stand by artists and art with everything in our power.

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