Ayşe Kırımlı / Marketing Director, Adel Kalemcilik

Sponsorship and corporate social responsibility… are the concepts which have recently been on the agenda of almost all companies… They are intertwined but completely different concepts although they seem similar to each other.

Corporate social responsibility involves the practices performed voluntarily by the companies as corporate citizens through their own initiatives. The purpose here is to contribute to the community by treating all the partners of the institution “ethically” and “responsibly”. However, the success of a corporate social project must be directly proportionate to the “social effect” and “sustainability” it creates. Read more →

Evrim Hizaler / General Manager Of Adel Kalemcilik

I believe success in business life is possible through working in a disciplined manner, being productive, being open to learn and through teamwork performed by a team of people focused on a common target. Success is not related to gender, nor is it something that occurs by itself; business life is a team game and if success is to be mentioned, I am successful together with my team. That I really like doing what I am doing at work and my preferences of open communication and collective mind are values which feed me and give me strength in business life. Read more →