Ali Rıza Adıgüzel / Anadolu Etap Plantation Operations Supervisor (Balıkesir - Tahirova Farm)

Our country is located at the heart of an agricultural geography. As Anadolu Group and Anadolu Etap, our connection with agriculture, which is critical for human existence, is based on our human-oriented approach. In all our efforts, we observe the benefits we can present to human kind and the environment along with the other living species that are critical for human existence. We question how to improve negative conditions and how we can sustain this ecosystem. We are establishing all our facilities and factories with this perspective. We strive to leave a more livable world to the future generations by preserving the balance between nature, natural resources and human beings in the most efficient way.

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Demir Şarman / Anadolu Etap General Manager

As  Anadolu Etap we regard social, economic and environmental sustainability as one of our most important values in all of our operations. With the responsibility to leave a more livable world to the younger generation, we are the first agricultural company to publish Sustainable Agriculture Principles in Turkey. We preserve natural resources and support our farmers and their children, to leave a good footprint for the future in line with these principles. Read more →