Yaşar Şekerci / Garenta Marketing Representative

I want to talk about my Anadolu Group journey, which started as a scholar of the Anadolu Foundation and now continues as an employee of the Group.
I earned Anadolu Foundation scholarship in 2012 in reply to a letter I wrote with my own handwriting after enrolling to Galatasaray University in 2011. My involvement with the Foundation was not limited only to scholarship. I participated in activities organized by Anadolu Foundation to contribute to the personal development of scholarship students. These activities made me discover my talents and use my potential more effectively. Read more →

Oğuzhan Ölmez / Anadolu Foundation Scholar, Anadolu Group Corporate Affairs and Communications Intern, Boğaziçi University Management Senior

If we add value to one who adds value to us, our relationship becomes balanced and sustainable. I think we can strike this balance in every area of our lives. Such a relationship exists even in basic activities like completing a puzzle… We work hard to complete it, we get bored, but we show patience and continue. Finally it gets completed and thus we create a value. And the happiness that we feel when we put the last piece, is the value that the puzzle adds to us. Read more →

M.D. Prof. Melih Özel / Anadolu Medical Center Professor of Gastroenterology

Couple of weeks ago, I and my high school friends visited the high school we graduated from. Just like we did 40 years ago, as a group of two hundred and fifty former students, we had lunch, toured around the school garden and visited our dormitories, library, canteen, the bath which is a museum now, the film theater in the historical building right next to the Bosphorus and lastly our classrooms. Read more →

Yaşar Şekerci / Anadolu Foundation scholarship student, Galatasaray University Faculty of Communication senior

There is an introduction to every article, and this introduction is comprised of generally valid definitions and assumptions. In order for us to be more sincere to each other, I want to keep you away from assumptions and generally valid statements in this article. In fact, I used a general statement in the first sentence, but I used a general statement in order not to have to make any further generalisations. Following a paradoxical introduction, I will endeavour to respond to the question of “how does the Y generation perceive the Z generation”, with my observations, experiences and scientific data. Read more →