Ayşegül Özkavukçu – Migros Ticaret A.Ş Head of Migros Up / Ferit Cansever – Migros Ticaret A.Ş Business Development and Innovation Director

Our personal and social values, the values of our team and the values of our corporation make us who we are. When this bundle of values cooperate seamlessly like the parts of a watch, they create durable and sustainable role-model structures, which won’t stop for many years. That’s why we determined innovation as one of our prior values. Innovation is a challenge in its essence; it’s a result of teams who refuse the status quo and have courage to embrace future from now. Although such teams start their innovation journey with a clear target, the road they take is full of uncertainties. Let’s dream of a very rough road covered with dust clouds. To foresee what lies ahead and reach the end of the road is only possible by parting the dust clouds. Only a well-equipped team can deal with this level of uncertainty. A multidisciplinary team, which fosters different perspectives and not composed by members, who are not only technically competent but also demonstrate their individual desires to overcome problems, can reach the end of the road. Read more →

Md. Ayşegül Karahan Zor / Cardiologist at Anadolu Medical Center

Just like every other young student who starts his/her studies at the school of medicine, my childhood dream was to become a physician. Helping others, treating diseases, soothing people’s pain and seeing the joy in their eyes when they recover. This was my biggest goal in life. When I became a physician, I understood that while the essence of our profession is to offer psychological and physical healing to our patients in line with the principles of science, the real talent is to do this in a way that respects human dignity, with love and affection, to attentively listen to our patients at their most vulnerable, to try and understand them and to never hurt them while we heal them. That is why it is often said that being a physician is not just about science, but also an art of communication and perhaps even a calling, a way of life that sees one dedicate their entire life to patients and to humanity at large. Read more →

Zekai Ak / Anadolu Efes Turkey Quality Supervisor

As a part of Anadolu Group’s approach of producing sustainable value across all areas where it operates, we strive to touch the lives of people and provide benefits for them in everything we do at Anadolu Efes. It is exactly at this point that art stands out as one of the areas where our company has been striving to produce value for many years in a sustainable manner. It tells us human stories inspiring each and every one us, connecting us to one another. We understand that arts & culture has an important role in social development and emphasize the access of all segments of the society to art and cultural activities. This is also why we have been ceaselessly promoting arts & culture for 34 years in Turkey. Read more →

Ali Rıza Adıgüzel / Anadolu Etap Plantation Operations Supervisor (Balıkesir - Tahirova Farm)

Our country is located at the heart of an agricultural geography. As Anadolu Group and Anadolu Etap, our connection with agriculture, which is critical for human existence, is based on our human-oriented approach. In all our efforts, we observe the benefits we can present to human kind and the environment along with the other living species that are critical for human existence. We question how to improve negative conditions and how we can sustain this ecosystem. We are establishing all our facilities and factories with this perspective. We strive to leave a more livable world to the future generations by preserving the balance between nature, natural resources and human beings in the most efficient way.

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