Çiğdem Aliyazıcıoğlu / Bus Production Supervisor at Anadolu Isuzu

With an outlook based on collective mind, the founding philosophy of Anadolu Group, we can feel that the ideas we offer create a diversity which adds strength to our work and plays a key role in our success. The culture of collective decision-making, which lies at the very center of our company’s management concept and business philosophy, is infused into all of our operational units. The Happiness Team Work Groups, formed in order to bolster our loyalty to the company and to build its vision for the future, stand out among the manifestations of this mindset in particular. Set up on a voluntary participation basis, the Happiness Team project groups of which I’m a part of, work to hammer out ideas by bringing minds together. Happiness Team members meet periodically to evaluate the views and suggestions from the staff in order to forge action plans that will steer the company toward a better work environment. Their efforts allow us to work together and make decisions together in settings where ideas are shared freely and weighed collectively. Read more →

Şüheda Demir / Anadolu Isuzu Spare Parts Planning and Stock Control Specialist

I first learned about Anadolu Isuzu, which is a very successful company of Anadolu Group, operating in the automotive sector, when I was studying my last year in Industrial Engineering Department of Marmara University. I worked as a part-time project assistant for 6 months in Import department of Anadolu Isuzu Purchasing. Read more →

Cengizhan Bilgin / Anadolu Isuzu R&D Chief

R&D has become a department which is among the must have departments for companies. I have given many years of service for R&D and wanted to prepare an article on this subject for the blog of our Group. I will be able to share my experiences on my field, which is both wondered about and the importance of which continues to increase. Read more →

Selen Sağsöz / Anadolu Isuzu R&D Engineer

One of the most challenging matters for companies today is the ‘adaptation of the Y generation to working life and companies’. So, who are these people we define as the Y generation? The Y generation is the generation which was born between the beginning of the 80’s to the end of the 90’s. That is, me, my childhood friends, my school friends, and now my colleagues. All of us are members of the Y generation. As a Y generation employee of Anadolu Group, I wanted to share my experiences with you in this article. Read more →