Mehmet Nuri İldiz / Coca-Cola İçecek Field Executive

Consumers are becoming conscious, competition is increasing, and the produced goods and services are getting varied. These developments give rise to the need to find and use professional and innovative sales techniques to reach customers.

The rule that is valid at all times and places: L.T.L. (Listen – Talk – Listen) Read more →

Khizar Zafar / Learning & Development Specialist at Coca-Cola Icecek - Pakistan

Consider a situation when you see two jugs and few empty glasses. One jug is full of hot water and one is filled with cold water. Now you have to fill the hot water jug with cold water, what would you do? If you start pouring cold water into hot water jug, the hot water in the other jug will only spill out right? So what should you do? You will empty the hot water jug and fill the empty glasses and then you can easily fill the cold water into the other jug. Read more →