Gökçe Dayı / Anadolu Efes Sports Club Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager

European basketball is growing at full speed with correct marketing strategies and stable economic planning.

Basketball is becoming a growing business sector with the increased brand value in Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and local basketball leagues and the inclusion of more respected brands in this ecosystem. Read more →

Anadolu Group

The concept of collective mind is very important in our group… Since the day we were established, many of the decisions we take are taken with the participation of our employees. We listen to them, benefit from their ideas, and bring their creative and innovative projects to life. “Collective mind” comes at the top of the most important factors that makes us who we are. Read more →

Yaşar Şekerci / Anadolu Foundation scholarship student, Galatasaray University Faculty of Communication senior

There is an introduction to every article, and this introduction is comprised of generally valid definitions and assumptions. In order for us to be more sincere to each other, I want to keep you away from assumptions and generally valid statements in this article. In fact, I used a general statement in the first sentence, but I used a general statement in order not to have to make any further generalisations. Following a paradoxical introduction, I will endeavour to respond to the question of “how does the Y generation perceive the Z generation”, with my observations, experiences and scientific data. Read more →