M.D. Prof. Melih Özel / Anadolu Medical Center Professor of Gastroenterology

Couple of weeks ago, I and my high school friends visited the high school we graduated from. Just like we did 40 years ago, as a group of two hundred and fifty former students, we had lunch, toured around the school garden and visited our dormitories, library, canteen, the bath which is a museum now, the film theater in the historical building right next to the Bosphorus and lastly our classrooms. Read more →

Menteş Albayrak / ‎Audit Coordinator at Anadolu Group

As Audit Presidency, our core principal is continuous improvement, renewing ourselves constantly and to provide better services to our group. Our “creating value” goal that also exists in our vision, “to create value for our stakeholders as a trusted adviser”, is not limited to our group. We also actively take roles in many organizations and activities to improve our profession. We continue our efforts to create value outside our group by supporting development of our colleagues and their organizations and consider this social responsibility. Read more →