Aykut Gümüşlüoğlu / Audit Coordinator at Anadolu Group

Processes are parts of our lives and the basic dynamics that keep us alive in our existence struggle. Our life flow is divided into processes and each process with the sub processes become the base point of our existence and creating journey. In this context, if we link phenomenon we call life to processes, all goods, corporations, systems and even thoughts contains reflection of a process, as much as the living. For this reason, it is also important to know, control and develop the processes, to predict the point that the entity will reach. Read more →

Sezen Yurdalan / Anadolu Group Internal Audit Specialist

Skills required for internal auditors have expanded by changing and developing global business world. Nowadays, having solely technical skills is not enough. Being able to do their jobs more effectively, internal auditors need to bring more to the table: soft skills such as oral communication, interview abilities and active listening. These skills being personality quality characteristics and habit, distinguish ideal employee from standard employee. Read more →