Türkan Özilhan Tacir / Anadolu Medical Center General Manager

The primary purpose in the health sector, today, is the right management of the patient perception. For a successful service provision, it is not sufficient just to provide the patient with the proper medical care service. Touching one of the most crucial aspects of life, which is to be the human health, thereby constituting the most important part of the service sector, hospitals have to adopt the “patient-centered care” understanding for absolute success. The patient-centered care approach; the objective of which is patient happiness in the overall health sector, in which providing the best treatment is the primary goal, incorporates all the services and necessities the patient receives at the hospital during the treatment process from the doctor’s communication with the patient, nursery services, the psychological support needed by the patient to the quality of the food. This perception makes the patient a part of the treatment and puts the patient in the center.
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Osman Alptürer / Anadolu Group Human Resources President

People… turn an organisation outside a mechanical structure, give it life and make it sustainable…

Organisations which have been able to sustain their existence over many years are successful because they are able to act as one and speak the same. It is only then, they can establish the correct relation with their customers, approach them with empathy and ensure that they are satisfied. Anadolu Group was founded by two visionary entrepreneurs who embraced this approach, internalised it and always prioritised investing in people, many years ago – Kamil Yazıcı and İzzet Özilhan… Read more →