Md. Ayşegül Karahan Zor / Cardiologist at Anadolu Medical Center

Just like every other young student who starts his/her studies at the school of medicine, my childhood dream was to become a physician. Helping others, treating diseases, soothing people’s pain and seeing the joy in their eyes when they recover. This was my biggest goal in life. When I became a physician, I understood that while the essence of our profession is to offer psychological and physical healing to our patients in line with the principles of science, the real talent is to do this in a way that respects human dignity, with love and affection, to attentively listen to our patients at their most vulnerable, to try and understand them and to never hurt them while we heal them. That is why it is often said that being a physician is not just about science, but also an art of communication and perhaps even a calling, a way of life that sees one dedicate their entire life to patients and to humanity at large. Read more →