Yaşar Şekerci / Anadolu Foundation scholarship student, Galatasaray University Faculty of Communication senior

There is an introduction to every article, and this introduction is comprised of generally valid definitions and assumptions. In order for us to be more sincere to each other, I want to keep you away from assumptions and generally valid statements in this article. In fact, I used a general statement in the first sentence, but I used a general statement in order not to have to make any further generalisations. Following a paradoxical introduction, I will endeavour to respond to the question of “how does the Y generation perceive the Z generation”, with my observations, experiences and scientific data. Read more →

Selen Sağsöz / Anadolu Isuzu R&D Engineer

One of the most challenging matters for companies today is the ‘adaptation of the Y generation to working life and companies’. So, who are these people we define as the Y generation? The Y generation is the generation which was born between the beginning of the 80’s to the end of the 90’s. That is, me, my childhood friends, my school friends, and now my colleagues. All of us are members of the Y generation. As a Y generation employee of Anadolu Group, I wanted to share my experiences with you in this article. Read more →

Erdem Ağralı / Anadolu Group Human Resources Department Project Assistant

I met Anadolu Group thanks to UçArı National Case Study competition in 2012. Anadolu Group was the main sponsor for this competition organized by Istanbul Technical University Industrial Engineering Club (ITU EMK). I was an active member of the EMK Club while I was studying Industrial Engineering in ITU. Read more →