Rubab Fahad / Coca-Cola İçecek Pakistan Human Resources Learning and Development Manager

At Anadolu Group and Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI), we trust in our values before anything else for sustainable development. We are aware that we owe our success to working hard as well as our commitment to our values. Working in a corporate culture that makes people feel that their ideas and competencies are valued and taken into consideration in a collective decision-making process, is an enriching experience. Anadolu Group’s business philosophy stems from the collective mind of the Group’s founders. This business philosophy, which is based on a culture of cooperation and collective decision-making, takes its strength from the diversity provided by all stakeholders, particularly our employees, and what this diversity brings into our collective mind. And at Coca-Cola İçecek, we incorporate various ideas and competencies inspired by this philosophy, growing our collective mind by combining it with our wealth of knowledge. We conduct our business with collective mind, decide together and build our future together with collective mind.

In 2020, when the pandemic had a deep impact on the entire world, we launched, with our motto “Stronger Together”, several practices that create value for our people, our stakeholders, and the communities in which we operate. We realized the healing power of being and acting together that reflects on each one of us. We continued to “stay stronger together” by using digital media effectively. Thanks to the CEO Connect Meetings, we created collective mind through online channels with teams comings together from ten countries. At the weekly-held CEO Meetings, we underlined open communication and transparency. Together, we found answers to the questions in our minds, received updates concerning the pandemic and heard directly from our leader the challenges and opportunities we faced navigating this crisis. Our country managers also held regular meetings focusing on their respective countries. To date, our CEO meetings continue to bring us together with the members of our CCI family who are physically distant but connected through a shared bond.

At CCI, we focus on generating value for our customers, people and community. The reason why CCI generates value is strongly linked to the leadership and core values that our employees live every day and our culture that brings together all our geographies. Our ‘One Team’ culture is a hallmark and strength of CCI. Our culture shows who we are and how we handle ourselves. Particularly the collaboration between individuals, teams, countries and our organization as well as the transparent environment of trust we have formed across all our stakeholders, are among the most important elements of our culture. We are expressing our shared culture and collective mind through several projects, each of which is characterized by extremely coherent teamwork and passion for value creation, and I am thrilled to be a part of some of these exciting initiatives.

In yet another collective mind project, being a part of which gives me great pride, we underline that when women come together and interact, their strength increases exponentially. With this belief, we are creating platforms where our female employees can grow stronger together to enable them to implement projects together. I am not only a member but also have had the pleasure to lead the Women’s Network for my country, which brings together female employees from 10 CCI countries through its operations. I feel proud to be working alongside such strong women and being inspired by them. The Women’s Network events that bring us together have shown us that as female employees, we all have similar needs regardless of our cultural differences. Coming together through this platform has allowed us to join forces. All employees embraced the platform since its leaders are selected from outside the Human Resources Department and ideally at least one woman representing each department takes part in its management.

Each launched to add value to our community, our employees and our stakeholders, these projects continue successfully and are yielding concrete results thanks to the power of our collective mind. At CCI, we integrate collective mind to our business processes and initiatives with the inspiration we get from Anadolu Group. I had the chance to personally experience the importance and value of the “Collective Mind” philosophy in the exponential growth of creativity and productivity in the projects in which I participated. The collective mind, which was adopted by the founders of our group from the very start when they created our business philosophies, has been, is and will be the foundation of our success. Accordingly, I wish to underline the need for all executives and leaders, and particularly mid-level executives, to make the best use of “collective mind” for development and management in their respective fields of business. I believe the contributions of our various employees from all levels in the offices, in the field and in factories, will be an infinite source of diverse perspectives, rich in creative and innovative ideas, offering opportunities for sustainable growth.

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