Çiğdem Aliyazıcıoğlu / Bus Production Supervisor at Anadolu Isuzu

With an outlook based on collective mind, the founding philosophy of Anadolu Group, we can feel that the ideas we offer create a diversity which adds strength to our work and plays a key role in our success. The culture of collective decision-making, which lies at the very center of our company’s management concept and business philosophy, is infused into all of our operational units. The Happiness Team Work Groups, formed in order to bolster our loyalty to the company and to build its vision for the future, stand out among the manifestations of this mindset in particular. Set up on a voluntary participation basis, the Happiness Team project groups of which I’m a part of, work to hammer out ideas by bringing minds together. Happiness Team members meet periodically to evaluate the views and suggestions from the staff in order to forge action plans that will steer the company toward a better work environment. Their efforts allow us to work together and make decisions together in settings where ideas are shared freely and weighed collectively.

We aim to collect and evaluate unbiased opinions and to internalize useful and idea-based thinking by means of the trainings received in our Happiness Teams project. Ideas gathered in groups with mixed participation by work departments are reviewed and prioritized in various categories, again with the help of the Happiness Team members. These efforts serve the main goal of assessing the short and long term projects conceived collectively with inputs from all employees and setting out from there, shaping our corporate future by providing opportunities for collaboration. The ideas, supplied by employees and fleshed out into projects, are submitted to our executives by the leaders of the Happiness Teams.

Many in-house projects conducted with employee participation (e.g., Kaizen), like the work done by the Happiness Teams, are actually an expression of the fact that each and every Anadolu Isuzu employee is a building block helping to shape the company. While it is a source of motivation indeed to know that our ideas are taken into consideration and appreciated in business processes and decision-making mechanisms, we believe this also contributes to the attainment of our objectives concerning the strengthening of our collective mind. The upheaval in working patterns caused by the pandemic impacted on the work force in a number of ways. To remedy these ill-effects, companies need to take various measures to enhance communication with their employees and get them involved in collective work processes. We’ve gone a long way in this regard. We brought to life 12 projects as quick projects out of the 119 proposals amassed by our Happiness Teams during these troubled times. Actionable medium term requests were incorporated into the business plans after their feasibility studies and consolidation were completed. Such projects, created and implemented by means of employee participation, ensure that individual workers view themselves as a part of the company and foster a sense of loyalty. Employees feel greater attachment to the company when they see an idea of theirs found worthy of being developed into a project.

I feel that by taking stock in the happiness of employees and spending efforts to make it a reality, we’re serving a purpose far more important than simply pushing our organization’s productivity and profitability higher. We’re thus doing our share in what it takes to become a creative and developing society, populated by happy and productive individuals and we’re investing in our collective future with our collective mind.

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