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Women in business life have to be more elaborative and organized…

The number of women in business life has been increasing day by day. I am very pleased to see that there has been a serious increase in both the participation of women into business life and in the numbers of women working in top management level since the years I started to work. During the 90’s, it was very rare to encounter with women managers and especially women in top management were so few. However, today there are noticeable women managers that are working in almost every sector and particularly in finance sector.

As a result of increasing number of women in business, the number of women who is appointed for higher positions has been increasing. The gender has neither possitive nor negative effect in terms of leadership power and ability. Women and men have different characteristic features from each other.

I can say that different characteristics of women comparing to men take an important role for the background of their success in business life. Women are more creative, peaceful, human focused and more emotional and they also attach great importance to the synergy. They have different ways to deal with the stress. They try to solve the problems by talking on them, thus they are more prone to team work. At the same time, women can work more organized and target-focused comparing to men.

However, the business life can sometimes be very severe and even tough, which may be challenging for women. Also, women have to be dealing with more than one thing. It is not easy to find the balance and also  to manage their responsibilities in their personal lives. As a result of responsibilities in both domestic and business life , women can lose their focuses and it can be a cause for them to prefer to stay in the background.

It is not easy for a woman to both work and manage her responsibilities in her private life and to find the balance therewith. For this reason, women have to be more elaborative and organized. Of course, I can not say that I am doing everything in a perfect way. Finally, one side dominates the other. If you are in a managing position, it is generally and mostly the business side weighing more. I can say that I am a great organizer and I can manage everything with remote control required to be done in home. However, to be honest sometimes I worry about whether I am good mother or not. I hope that my son would be proud of me in the future.

It is great proud for me to work in Anadolu Group

I am the first woman CEO in Anadolu Group. It is really great proud for me to work as a CEO in Anadolu Group, which is the one of the largest groups in Turkey. I was very happy  when our Chairman Mr. Tuncay ÖZİLHAN informed me about my new position during our first meeting of Board of Directors. Since then, the number of women general managers in our Group has increased rapidly. Working in a really experienced multi-business group that gives importance to international activities and mobility in corporate level and to work with people from different cultures has great contributions on my personal career.

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